About Our Club

Rotary is 1.2 million passionate individuals in 35,000+ clubs worldwide. We are both an international organization and a local community leader. Together we lead change in our own backyards and across the world.

The Coos Bay-North Bend Rotary Club was chartered in 1922. It is one of the oldest and largest clubs in Rotary District 5110. Through the years, the club has had a profound impact on the community and the world. At one time, the club had more than $100,000 dollars in grants working in the district and the world. Those included eye projects in Ecuador, clean drinking water in Honduras, student college scholarships in Mexico and hospital equipment to Honduras and the Ivory Coast of Africa.

Local projects have included the largest Holiday toy and food drive called Bus Jam that benefits families and children in Coos and western Douglas Counties, the Prefontaine-Rotary Invitational Track and Field Meet in April, Gift of Literacy which replaced the Dictionary program for 1st Graders, trails at South Slough Reserve, beautification projects, Festival of Trees, Lights at Shore Acres Decorating and Hosting, Cruz the Coos & Show ‘n Shine, and much more.

Youth programs including Rotary Youth Leadership Academy, educational scholarships, exchange students, Senior All-Night parties and vocational seminars have enhanced the lives of young people.

Most recently, two other local clubs merged with the Coos Bay-North Bend Club strengthening its ability to have an even larger impact in the community and on its citizens. Membership is by invitation. To learn more about becoming a member and how you can share your passion for Service Above Self, visit https://www.rotary.org/en/get-involved/join

Past Presidents- Coos Bay/North Bend Rotary

2019-2020 Eva Shimotakahara
2018-2019 Ed Meyer
2017-2018 Steve Schneiderman
2016-2017 Dane Smith
2015-2016 Jay Schafer
2014-2015 Stephanie Kilmer
2013-2014 Steve Schneiderman
2012-2013 Ron Stillmaker
2011-2012 Russ Clark
2010-2011 Jim Molitor
2009-2010 Dale Helland
2008-2009 Tim Bishop
2007-2008 Tom Bennett
2006-2007 Timm Slater
2005-2006 Kathleen Rosencrantz
2004-2005 Marchia Jensen
2003-2004 Dick McMahon
2002-2003 Doug Fletcher
2001-2002 Debra Roth
2000-2001 Bill Grile
1999-2000 Roger Dixon
1998-1999 Robert Scully
1997-1998 Mike Gaudette
1996-1997 David Bridgham
1995-1996 Norm Hill
1994-1995 Spence Heide
1993-1994 Mike Groben
1992-1993 Jay Schaefer
1991-1992 James Guernsey
1990-1991 Jay O’Leary, M.D
1989-1990 Gordon ogden
1988-1989 Tom Westfall
1987-1988 Jim Graves
1986-1987 Ron Bruce
1985-1986 Len Farr
1984-1985 Clyde Thrift
1983-1984 Ted Terry. D.M.D
1982-1983 Dean Sheldon
1982-1981 C. Andrew Nasburg
1980-1981 J. Stewart Lyons
1979-1980 Rollie Pean
1978-1979 John Joelson
1977-1978 Walt McClure
1976-1977 Ron Ashia
1975-1976 Roy Elliot
1974-1975 Ennis Keizer, M.D
1973-1974 Phil Matson
1972-1973 Jack Dunham
1971-1972 Justin G. “Jud” Guernsey
1970-1971 Tom Stamper

1969-1970 John Beard
1968-1969 Bill Bentz
1967-1968 Charles Tresidder
1966-1967 Bill Huggins
1965-1966 Jack Grant
1964-1965 V. A. “Jerry” Dimmick
1963-1964 Erick Saukkonen
1962-1963 Jack Granger
1961-1962 F. Willis Smith
1960-1961 Ren Cutlip
1959-1960 Tom O’Dwyer
1958-1959 Al Kohler
1957-1958 Alton C. Hall
Roger Duncan
1956-1957 Donald Long, M.D
1955-1956 Harry Morgan
1954-1955 J. B. Bedingfield. Jr.
1953-1954 C. Wylie Smith
1952-1953 George L. Compton
1951-1952 Guy Shellenbarger
1950-1951 T. W. Lynn
1949-1950 John Ferguson
1948-1949 Charles F. Robinson
1947-1948 Leonard Mayfield
1946-1947 Earl Littrell Sr.
1945-1946 Harry Chapman
1944-1945 Walter Chiene
1943-1944 Lynn Parr
1942-1943 J. B. Bedingfield Sr.
1941-1942 J. W. Forrester
1940-1941 Earl D. Duncan
1939-1940 Thomas F. Montgomery
1938-1939 Frank Skewis
1937-1938 Fred McGougan
1936-1937 Stanley Emery
1935-1936 Charles Fox
1934-1935 Robert Banks
1933-1934 Charles H. Huggins
1932-1933 G. E. Krieger
1931-1932 Geoge E. Dix
1930-1931 James E. Montgomery
1929-1930 J. Albert Matson
1928-1929 Herber A. Busterud
1927-1928 Edmund P. Lewis
1926-1927 Charles A. Howard
1925-1926 Charles A. Howard
1924-1925 Ben J. Ostlind
1923-1924 John D. Goss
1922-1923 Ben R. Chandler